Earn up to 13% commission on every client’s transaction you refer to Mator.

Mator designed a generous referral program to increase the adoption of our business development frameworks and solutions for startups. Take advantage of this program to earn 13% on every referred client’s successful transaction with Mator.


1. Threshold value — you earn 13% commission after a referred client has made a successful transaction worth USD50.00 or above with Mator.

2. Accumulated referrals — Mator tracks referrals with transaction value below USD50.00 and pays out commission once your accumulated referrals’ total value reaches $50.00.

3. You must be above the age of 18 to participate in Mator’s referral program
Learn more about our services and share with friends:

Mator Brochure: https://bit.ly/3vgl9vH

MatorX Brochure: https://bit.ly/3Lkz6hV

Future Startups Report: https://bit.ly/3MD8b0Q

Mator website: https://mator.co.zw/

Note: this referral program excludes Mator’s Design Thinking for Students services. This service package is in sandbox for testing and will be launched publicly in the coming months.

Our referral program will be updated on the 1st of June 2022.



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